AlMaarefa University Rector Excellence Award

Deadline Award



AlMaarefa University has dedicated The University Rector Excellence Award for excellence; where it aims to contribute to the development of medical and technical sciences, and support the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision of transforming into a society of knowledge, encouraging and honoring those distinguished in the fields of the award, while also developing the spirit of creativity, innovation, & invention, and stimulating talents and competencies, & scientific excellence.


Developing creativity, innovation and invention, and stimulating special talents and competencies

Encouraging and rewarding inventors and talented individuals who are distinguished in the scientific and technical fields

Commitment to building an economy of knowledge by promoting the fields of science and technology in the Kingdom

Improving the quality of community service

Contributing in building an entrepreneurs generation

Supporting science and scientific research


Scientific Research (for faculty and students)

Artificial Intelligence Applications

Community Development Initiatives



Innovation and Invention


Excellence Awards for Administrators

Excellence Awards for Faculty Members

Excellence Awards for Students

General conditions

  • The submitted work does not conflict with the university policies and regulations.
  • The applicant must be a member of AlMaarefa University: attending students, university graduates, faculty or administrators.
  • All required and necessary documents must be provided in the registration form of each category.
  • The application for the award must be submitted in its announcement period.
  • Applicants are entitled to participate in more than one category.
  • Registration and required documents must be submitted electronically according to the criteria of each category of the award.
  • Forms and documents can be submitted in either English or Arabic.
  • The applicant’s readiness to present the idea in person before the judging committee.
  • The applicant must abide with the laws and regulations of intellectual property rights, and bear any responsibility resulting from non-compliance with them:
  • Based on the recommendations of the judging committee, the award committee has the right to withhold the award from any of its categories if the quality of the submitted work does not rise to the required level.
  • Based on the recommendations of the judging committee, the award committee has the right to withdraw the award after it has been granted if it becomes evident that the submitted work is in violation of the conditions.
  • The decision of the judging committee is final and independent.

How to apply

  • Fill out the registration form electronically, taking into account the accuracy and correctness of the entered data.
  • Fill out the participation fields in the designated category.
  • Upload the required documents according to the participation conditions of each category.
  • Fulfill all requirements and additional information that may be requested by the award committee.

For more details

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2021 / 2 / 18

The start the online registration

2021/ 4 / 15

The deadline for applying for the award

2021 /5 / 18

Announcement of results